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What is this?

The Say it in Saami project explores the indigenous, endangered North, Inari and Skolt Saami languages. This webpage features the first ever modern online Saami phrasebook and it's goal is to help revive the languages. Read more...

Katri and Niillas


Why have some Saami people abandoded their native language and how can you revitilize it in an urban environment? How is it to work in Saami and what is process of learning a Saami language? Check out five short documentaries...


A quick guide to Saami culture

This quick guide will familiarize you with some of the key elements of the Saami culture. You can learn about the Saami flag, traditional clothing, music and handcrafts. Listen to the Saami national anthem and a lot more...

Saami flag


Before publishing the actual online phrasebook we released a soundboard as a preview of the finished project. The soundboard is available only in North Saami. You can also use the soundboard as a memory game...

Soundboard 6x4